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Feathered Serpents

Civilizations around the world tell the same origin story of a powerful god coming by sea.

He taught them to hunt, farm and work together to take civilization to the next level.

The Aztecs called him Quetzalcoatl, “The Feathered Serpent.”

Today, Bitcoin is what needs to be taught to take civilization to the next level.

Today, you have an opportunity to be One of Twenty-One Feathered Serpents.

Why People Don’t Value Bitcoin

They don’t know why they need it.

They don’t know inflation steals their time and health.

They don’t know their money can be censored at any time.

They don’t know this is only possible because only banks can hold the records and process all transactions.

They don’t know inflation and censorship is impossible with Bitcoin because anyone can hold the records and process transactions.

They don’t know how easy it is to receive, send, buy, cold store, restore, run a node and miner.

They don’t know why all the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt is BS

They don’t know how to NOT get wrecked.

They don’t know fiat always dies and Bitcoin is inevitable.

It’s a lot of information to communicate and retain.

Film Can Do It In 90 Minutes

Nothing delivers more information per second or offers greater retention.

Nothing is better at touching emotions and inspiring action.

Nothing is more entertaining or engaging.

Film is the best way to teach Bitcoin to the masses.

Yet, there is no Bitcoin film that simply and directly explains why and how to use Bitcoin.

This will be that film.

How I Will Do It

I will interview 3 generations in multiple countries to compare cost of living priced in minutes.

I will interview experts in food, housing, science, education, health and politics.

I will interview Canadians and Africans to show what life is like under financial censorship.

I will interview people who got wrecked.

I will show what it looks like to use a hot wallet, cold wallet, node and miner.

I will animate big numbers and boring statistics.

I will explain it simply so everyone around the world can understand.

I Do Film Best

I have been writing, directing, filming, editing and animating for decades.

I am a knowledgeable Bitcoiner, engaging interviewer, expert storyteller and simple communicator.

I get the best shots, pick the perfect music and keep the viewer engaged every single second.

Watch Comeback Country for proof of work.

THE Bitcoin Film

When it comes to books, Saifedean’s Bitcoin Standard is THE Bitcoin book.

This will be THE Bitcoin film that you share with every Bitcoin beginner.

It will save you time explaining the basics and take the conversation to the next level.

It will make it clear that fiat causes tremendous suffering and Bitcoin is the only way out.

It will inspire millions to start buying a little Bitcoin every month and fall down the rabbit hole.

Join Adam Back And Me As A Feathered Serpent

Film can bring Bitcoin to millions.

I have the talent, experience and passion to make it a masterpiece that stands the test of time.

I’m searching for twenty others to join me as Feathered Serpents by investing in the film.

If you have the means and interest, reach out 🙂

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